“Angelic white clouds drifted across the face of the Earth”

Climbing excitedly along the mountain’s summit, I headed in the direction of a mountain peak in the distance, dark and defiantly rising above the pure white clouds that surrounded it, beautifully illuminated by the light of Heaven. The narrow mountain ridge was scantily covered in a mosaic of dirt, gravel and coarse grass, worn by the passage of time and countless traveller’s footsteps. I slipped on numerous occasions yet smiled with joy and exuberance of a child; this moment was simply too beautiful to miss and nothing would deter me. On either side of the summit the mountain slopes covered in grass plunged into the depths below. Angelic white clouds drifted across the face of the Earth, extending outwards in all directions towards the magnificence of the Swiss Alps, beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance contrasted against the majesty of Heaven. Pausing, silent in my thoughts I yearned to embrace this moment forever. Such beauty infused my mind heart and soul with an overwhelming sense of peace, joy and love.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography


“The cold autumn wind whirled roughly around my body as wisps of cloud danced around me”

Climbing along the ridge of the mountain I tried to keep my footing; the slope was sleep and the footing precarious as moist grass and moss combined with loose gravel making the journey dangerous. My heart was filled with sheer joy and exhilaration. For a brief wonderful moment,  adulthood caution was cast aside, giving way to the innocence of childhood joy wonder and adventure. I stopped momentarily and surveyed the majestic scene before my very eyes.White pure light diffused by the clouds cast its heavenly glow everywhere. The slope beneath me was very steep and disappeared into the clouds. Despite its beauty and magnificence this mountain could be potentially treacherous to the unsuspecting traveller. Surrounded by clouds on every side, stretching out in all directions towards the majestic Alps, the experience was truly overwhelming. I pause for a long while lost in thought and in total peace; I wanted to embed this beautiful moment within my heart for all time.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography

“Never before had I known such peace, serenity and beauty”

The climb up the mountain was steep, even the electric carriage we travelled in seemed to pause momentarily. I looked over at the driver smiling as I listened to his pleasant Swiss German dialect, which sounded like German spoken with a rhythmic singing Irish accent. I thought to myself “Gaulish tribes definitely must have lived here long ago”. His long moustache, jovial manner and generous build reminded me of my beloved characters from Asterix. Finally, we reached the summit. Exiting the station I ventured outside and was immediately blinded by light that surrounded me from every side. The cold air instantly revived, and as my eyes became accustomed to the light I looked out beyond, transfixed in absolute wonder at the most beautiful sight I had ever experienced in my entire life. As far as the eye could venture, majestic clouds stretched out paying homage to the grandeur of the Alps on the horizon. “Heaven on Earth” were the words that echoed deep within my mind, heart and soul. Never before had I known such peace, serenity and beauty.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography