“The simplistic beauty of the white washed stone walls, contrasted against the beautiful blue domed churches were amazing to behold”

The climb down the sheer cliff face was arduous; high steps hewn out of solid rock wound their way down to the cave house overlooking the caldera. A beautiful view overlooking the brilliant blue of the aegean immediately transfixed me in a state of reverie. Looking back from our track I paused in a moment of profound awe. “The simplistic beauty of the white washed stone walls, contrasted against the beautiful blue domed churches were amazing to behold”. I was immediately transported back to a time far gone, yet mesmerising in its simplistic beauty.

Greece, Landscape Photography


“I felt a sense of profound peace in that moment of solitude”

Passing down a narrow cobblestone street I suddenly veered left towards the ocean, winding my way down a narrow staircase. The thought of exploring the unknown stirred my heart with childlike enthusiasm. Looking back from whence I came, I looked upon a windmill. Located on the cliff face overlooking the ocean, its white washed walls manifested a simplistic beauty contrasted against the blue sky. The wind swept clouds formed a beautiful mosaic adorning heaven itself. A lone figure perched atop a cliff face, I felt a sense of profound peace in that moment of solitude.

Greece, landscape photography

“For God so loved the world…”

When I was studying at University my friend Thomas who was agnostic and I were travelling towards the students’ residence. We were coming back from University after a long day, exhausted, longing for the comfort of our bed. Thomas looked at me and spoke suddenly. “Do you know what I hate about Christians?” I looked at him calmly, quite surprised. “No Thomas please tell me, what is it that you hate about Christians?”. He seemed quite taken back by this response and said, “Well it’s the way they live, they just don’t seem to have any fun; it’s such a boring way to live. Who would ever want to live that way; it seems like such a huge waste. And what’s even worse is that they expect other people to think and live like themselves. “I paused, reflecting on his comments as he seemed quite sincere and I genuinely liked Thomas.

I looked him in the eyes. “May I ask you something Thomas?” I asked gently. “Sure” he replied immediately. “If I fed you when you were hungry, offered you something to drink when you were thirsty, clothed you when you were naked, visited you when you were sick, offered you a bed when you were homeless, do you think that these would reflect beautiful acts of compassion crowned in love?” Thomas looked at me perplexed “Why of course” he replied. I then let these words sink in before replying “What if even within my mind, heart and soul I would express a spirit of forgiveness, mercy and love towards you, never wished you any harm, covet your partner or possessions, yet yearned for that which is best for you, even laying down my life for you, that you may live. Would you agree that these thoughts and actions are noble, pure and beautiful indeed, especially when done out of self-sacrifice, without any expectation of reward out of love for you?” Thomas looked at me bewildered. “Why of course that’s a great way to live”. I paused in silence, looked down at the floor smiling sadly before raising my head and then looked my dear friend in the eyes. “But that is the way of life in Christ, the way that Christians endeavour to live; that is which I aspire to be, despite all my failures and imperfections. How is it possible that you cherish the fruits of Christianity yet hate its source in Christ?”

Thomas’s face changed somewhat and looked quite troubled unsure about something turning over in his mind. “I …I don’t know” he replied hesitantly. I looked at him lovingly and spoke from the heart. “I can only tell you of what I have experienced. Most people partake of the fruits of Christianity but don’t like to acknowledge the source. Why, because they are afraid to change their way of life, not wanting to give up something that is self-serving, temporarily satisfying the passions, or feel that Christianity will shackle them with responsibilities and burdens that would suffocate them. On the contrary, my experience is that when one sincerely believes and yearns to live in Christ so that the love of Christ transforms the vacant throne within one’s mind, heart and soul, then, and only then is one truly free from the superficial existence and materialism that has been shackling them all their life. “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32)


John 3:16 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

“The stillness of the night was as profound as the smell of winter rainfall, lingering  in the air”

The large wooden door simplistically adorned beckoned me to enter the deserted street. It was late in the evening; the glow of lamps cast a golden haze across the cobblestone pathway and archaic buildings. The stillness of the night was as profound as the smell of winter rainfall, lingering in the air. Walking along, I noticed the various cracks across the facade of buildings, a historical tapestry weaved from the renaissance to the present day. The scene was forlorn, yet it seemed as though the harsh passage of time could not entirely efface the beauty these stones, heralding a bygone era.

France, Landscape Photography

“I was plunged back centuries into the tales of my childhood”

The climb up the steep and winding path was strenuous. Pausing briefly I surveyed the castle away in the distance, magnificently positioned in an elevated and defensible vantage point, reached only by a narrow and difficult route. “The king who once owned this castle chose his location wisely” I thought to myself. I paused for long moments surveyed the surroundings. Suddenly, I was plunged back centuries into the tales of my childhood. Tales of noble knights on heroic quests and beautiful maidens brought back childhood memories. I smiled to myself, a young boy’s dreams had suddenly come to life. Narrow cobblestone streets were surrounded on either side by old stone buildings. Beautiful coloured bouquets of flowers ordaining balconies, providing a striking contrast to the grey stone buildings complete with red tiled roofs. Cast iron lanterns and street signs, archaic cobblestone pathways and towering stone ramparts manifested a truly medieval experience.

France, Landscape Photography.jpg

“The city was old, decaying yet defiant in its timeless beauty, daring time to forget its relevance”

Walking along the main thoroughfare of the old city I was acutely aware of the soft tapping of the sound of my footsteps on the archaic cobblestones. It was early morning and the streets were almost deserted. The city was old, decaying yet defiant in its timeless beauty, daring time to forget its relevance. Walking past a side street I paused and looked up narrow stairwell, straddled by tall red buildings. The colours were vibrant, and contrasted magnificently with the blue wooden door. Simplicity and elegance produced something beautiful to behold.

France, Landscape Photography


“The contrast between modern and old was amazing to behold”

Entering off the main thoroughfare I entered an inconspicuous narrow corridor that opened up into a beautiful arcade. To my pleasant surprise it was deserted. The sound of traffic and hustle and bustle faded in the background. The contrast between modern and old was amazing to behold. As I walked slowly along the corridor, my footsteps echoed softly as I occasionally paused to admired the simplistic elegant beauty of this hidden treasure, almost hesitant to make any noise to dispel my reverie.

Australia, Landscape Photograpy