“I was walking at the edge of the world”

As the sun began its journey westwards, the heavens cast their brilliant rays across the entire earth illuminating it with a myriad of hues. The radiant blue sky stretching over the snow capped Alps contrasted magnificently with the soft white angelic clouds. Walking along the ridge of the mountain I could not help but pause and look out in the distance, dimly aware of the cold autumn winds which playing danced around me, gently caressing my face. The sight was truly magnificent and beautiful to behold; one of those moments that I wanted to last for all eternity. With the sun’s descending behind the mountains I could now appreciate the full beauty of what lay before me, not having to shield my eyes from the radiance of the sun. The serenity, joy and exhilaration that I felt during my experience on this mountain was unsurpassed. I was walking at the edge of the world; within the depths of my mind heart and soul a voice gently whispered “Heaven on Earth”.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography

“Angelic white clouds drifted across the face of the Earth”

Climbing excitedly along the mountain’s summit, I headed in the direction of a mountain peak in the distance, dark and defiantly rising above the pure white clouds that surrounded it, beautifully illuminated by the light of Heaven. The narrow mountain ridge was scantily covered in a mosaic of dirt, gravel and coarse grass, worn by the passage of time and countless traveller’s footsteps. I slipped on numerous occasions yet smiled with joy and exuberance of a child; this moment was simply too beautiful to miss and nothing would deter me. On either side of the summit the mountain slopes covered in grass plunged into the depths below. Angelic white clouds drifted across the face of the Earth, extending outwards in all directions towards the magnificence of the Swiss Alps, beautiful snow capped mountains in the distance contrasted against the majesty of Heaven. Pausing, silent in my thoughts I yearned to embrace this moment forever. Such beauty infused my mind heart and soul with an overwhelming sense of peace, joy and love.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography

“The cold autumn wind whirled roughly around my body as wisps of cloud danced around me”

Climbing along the ridge of the mountain I tried to keep my footing; the slope was sleep and the footing precarious as moist grass and moss combined with loose gravel making the journey dangerous. My heart was filled with sheer joy and exhilaration. For a brief wonderful moment,  adulthood caution was cast aside, giving way to the innocence of childhood joy wonder and adventure. I stopped momentarily and surveyed the majestic scene before my very eyes.White pure light diffused by the clouds cast its heavenly glow everywhere. The slope beneath me was very steep and disappeared into the clouds. Despite its beauty and magnificence this mountain could be potentially treacherous to the unsuspecting traveller. Surrounded by clouds on every side, stretching out in all directions towards the majestic Alps, the experience was truly overwhelming. I pause for a long while lost in thought and in total peace; I wanted to embed this beautiful moment within my heart for all time.

Switzerland, Bern, Landscape Photography

“I dared to pause and glimpse the immense beauty of Creation”

Alone, perched upon a rock I lay still. The serenity that filled my mind soothed my thoughts, easing the burdens of life that occasionally threaten to engulf one. Surrounded by beauty of such magnificence, I became aware of my own insignificance, a lone figure, standing at the edge of the world looking out towards vast Heaven and Earth. In silence, permeated by the gentle winds and sound of water breaking I lay still in contemplation. As the sun waned, its glory shone ever so brightly, casting forth its magnificent rays, illuminating and penetrating the depths of my heart. I dared to pause and glimpse the immense beauty of Creation, a gift so beautiful that my soul stirred with immense joy, rejoicing in His presence.

“The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork.”
(Psalm 19:1)

Australia, Landscape Photography

“In silence, I lay still and dared contemplate…”

“My thoughts with ease I did cast away
On that serene and most glorious day
When looking afar my eyes did glance
Heavens flawless splendour by fleeting chance

In silence, I lay still and dared contemplate
Pure, eternal beauty that God did consecrate
The gentle winds danced and caressed my face
As heavens glory embraced me with loving grace

The sun burst forth, casting its golden rays
My heart stirred deeply, my soul did praise
He who created such a divine and magnificent tapestry
Christ, Lord of Heaven and Earth, in all His glorious majesty”

Australia, Landscape Photography

“There are moments of sheer beauty when one must pause and be silent, for only in silence can one even dare to contemplate true beauty”

I paused, perched high on top a lone boulder by the shore, fearless, oblivious to the waves which menacingly splashed around me. It was if a sea of white foam coursed all around, engulfing everything in its path and then retreating albeit hesitantly into the depths of the Ocean. Looking afar, a series of enormous cliffs rose defiantly from a narrow isthmus projecting into the deep blue sea. Proud they stood, mystical rock formations beautifully cast against the brilliant blue clouds that were strewn across Heaven itself. The winds danced wildly amidst the boulders rising occasionally into a crescendo at once in harmony with the sound of waves splashing around me. There are moments of sheer beauty when one must pause and be silent, for only in silence can one even dare to contemplate true beauty. A silence which commands our every sense and manifests the magnificence of Creation in all its splendour. I sat in silence for long moments; deep from within my mind, heart and soul resonated the words… “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Australia, Landscape Photography

“The facades of the buildings were so archaic, unique and unlike anything that I had experienced”

Walking slowly through an old narrow laneway in the Altstadt, I paused in astonishment. The facades of the buildings were so archaic, unique and unlike anything that I had experienced. “. The street was almost hidden, barely noticeable connecting the arcades to the Old Marketplace, renown for its goldsmiths that long ago peddled their antique craft in the many shops that line the roadway. Beautifully designed and decorated medieval and baroque facades adorned with religious ornaments and intricately designed cast iron signs of artisans selling their wares were everywhere to be seen. Bouquets of neatly arranged colourful flowers lined the elegant buildings in this romantic picturesque thoroughfare, manifesting an atmosphere that was at once archaic yet romantic to behold.

Austria, Salzburg, Landscape Photography