“The brilliant snow capped and forested Bavarian Alps provided a wonderful backdrop”

Looking up from my reverie at the edge of the pier on a pebble strewn shoreline, I looked upon a ring of mountains, embracing a most beautiful tranquil lake. The brilliant snow capped and forested Bavarian Alps provided a wonderful backdrop, yielding to the expanse of the clear blue heaven and narrow sand shores below at the edge of the lake. Clear, blue water, occasionally punctuated by gentle ripples sending out waves across the otherwise calm surface and sound of waves lapping the shore reminded me of the Mediterranean Sea. The numerous piers, moored with brilliant coloured green fishing boats contrasted brilliantly against the blue water and snow covered shores during this warm and sunny day in autumn. I paused for long moments in silence, a moment of quite exaltation; words are inadequate to describe the serenity that filled my mind, heart and soul.

Germany, Bavaria, Landscape Photography




“The silence manifested a powerful impression as vivid as the array of beautiful coloured houses”

The scent of fresh air following rainfall was still lingering in the cold winter wind, as I ascended the winding cobblestone road leading into the heart of the city. Having crossed an archaic bridge I could still hear the churning of the river as it meandered around this beautiful Alpine town, gateway to the European Alps. As I walked amidst the rows of magnificent coloured houses, the silence manifested a powerful impression as vivid as the array of beautiful coloured houses. Walking along the main road, I was greeted by Gothic cathedrals, half-timbered fachwerk houses, castles and towers manifesting the true beauty and charm of traditional German culture. Winding cobblestone streets opened up into splendid squares, surrounded by elegantly designed German buildings decorated with a lovely array of complementary vibrant Mediterranean colours, a hallmark of the cultural splendour of Germany’s culture and medieval heritage.

Germany, Landscape Photography

“I smiled and laughed as I clicked the shutter”

It is a rare experience indeed when one walks about a medieval town, resplendent with archaic cathedrals and ramparts, winding alleyways and water filled canals or Bächle, yet coupled with hippie looking locals, smiling street vendors and mad cyclists, all in the one place. Wondering how to capture the essence of what was unfolding before me, I stopped by a narrow street with an archaic cobblestone pathway, in front of Bächle, and a row of old traditional Germanic buildings. Perfect setting; all I had to do was wait for an opportune moment. Moments later, I heard someone shouting “Juhu” a German expression of exhilaration and joy, as a crazy cyclist turned facing towards me with outstretched arms while balancing on his bike and continuing to ride along the street. I smiled and laughed as I clicked the shutter; this cyclist with so much character instantly entered into the gallery of my most beautiful experiences and fondest memories within my heart.

Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Landscape Photography

“I stood admiring this most elegant facade resplendent with such simple yet beautifully blended colours

Waking long the narrow street meandering path, I was pleasantly surprised as it suddenly  opened up into a wide thoroughfare. To my delight, a delightful scene unfolded before my very eyes. A radiant yellow window decorated with blue wooden panes set against red bouquets of flowers adorning window sills, contrasted brilliantly with the sandstone coloured archaic wall and blue tinged cobble stone street. I stood admiring this most elegant facade, resplendent with such simple yet beautifully blended colours. Looking about in childlike wonder I thought “What would it have been like to have lived so long ago in a town such as this?. My thoughts deep in reverie, I imagined time long past, where the sound of horses hooves  plodding along the cobblestones mingled with the clamour of shop keepers bartering their wares, and peasants going about their daily chores, as travelling musicians enchanted their audiences with stories and tunes to soothe the soul.

France, Landscape Photography

“Flamboyant characters such as Molière and D’Artagnan suddenly come to life.”

The narrow village paths, lined with colourful restaurants and intricate bouquets adorning the decaying medieval walls, straddled the river meandering through the centre of this picturesque town nestled at the footsteps of the Alps. The surrounding landscape, comprising a ring of forested mountains and complemented by a crystal clear lake embraced this medieval paradise. This archaic town, lined with cobblestone streets, ramparts, archaic castles and cathedrals from the medieval and renaissance periods was truly fascinating to behold. Exotic buildings and streets with colourful facades, magnificent cathedrals and richly decorated buildings connected by secret passageways plunges one literally into the tales and story books of ones childhood. I stood in a silent reverie as flamboyant characters such as Molière and D’Artagnan suddenly come to life.

France, Landscape Photography

“As the sun’s rays cast forth their gentle light permeating the morning mist heralding sunrise, a myriad of vibrant colours illuminated the distant shoreline”

Walking hurriedly through the city square, I skirted the narrow walkway dodging the pedestrians while simultaneously glimpsing the diversity of their facial expressions, something which never ceased to amaze me. The smell of cigarettes and croissants, mingled with the aroma of coffee and sound of traffic as the city stirred from its slumber. I glanced up in the sky, noticing the soft radiant aura of sunrise and hastened quickly down the road, looking quickly left and right before madly dashing across the main thoroughfare. Suddenly, I found myself standing by a riverbank looking beyond a river of blue, fast flowing water towards the old city. The transition was amazing. As the sun’s rays cast forth their gentle light permeating the morning mist heralding sunrise, a myriad of vibrant colours illuminated the distant shoreline. Archaic buildings, resplendent with beautiful facades simplistically but elegantly ordained, created a truly picturesque scene, manifesting the creative splendour of the Renaissance.

France, Landscape Photography

“Full of joy, a silent prayer resonated within my soul, rejoicing at the beauty of God’s creation”

The veil of darkness that clung on desperately prior to sunrise was broken by the soft moonlight that managed to filter through the treetops illuminating the earth beneath my feet as I slowly made my way up towards the mountain summit, weaving my way between an almost invisible mosaic of rocks, stones, tree roots and bushes. The cold winter wind was surprisingly gentle that night, and as I gazed up towards Heaven itself, bright stars and a full moon cast their beautiful glow. I momentarily paused to appreciate their beautiful radiance. They seemed as precious jewels strewn across the galaxy; a divine tapestry of celestial beauty. With difficulty I withdrew my gaze and resumed my trek up the steep incline with renewed vigour, anticipating the splendour of sunrise. As I neared a cluster of huge boulders I climbed the imposing rock edifice steadily; suddenly I reached the mountain summit. Standing in reverent awe, I looked out eastwards towards the horizon, stretching out my hands in praise. My heart stirred, full of joy; a silent prayer resonated deep within my soul, rejoicing at the beauty of God’s creation, as the first rays of sunrise cast forth their divine beauty across the face of the Earth.

Australia, Landscape Photography