“My thoughts were entranced and calmed by the golden glow upon mysterious waters”

I gazed out towards the magnificent cast iron bridge spanning the great breadth of the river. The streetlights emanated a warm light, reflected in the flowing river. The whirling wind danced around me, intermingled with the gentle sound of running water.distant lamps I looked out yonder towards the old city, enchanted by the soft glow  It seemed the bridge was a gateway between the past and present. For long moments I stared out from under the embrace of this magnificent structure. My thoughts were entranced and calmed by the golden glow upon mysterious waters.

“The monastery emanated an aura of serenity…”

The monastery emanated an aura of serenity and reverence. Besides the rustling of leaves and the wind dancing amidst the treetops, I was all alone. As the sun hid behind the clouds I gazed upon the facade of the monastery. Forlorn, decaying yet defiant in it’s timeless beauty, it captured my imagination. Looking up at the archaic entrance of the monastery, I read with a sense of reverence the ancient Greek inscriptions, “Let the love of Christ be the light of your life that guides you”. I stood in awe and silence. The words resonated within the depths of my soul and my heart stirred with sheer love for whom I loved most, Christ Jesus. Eventually passing through the doorway I felt an immense sense of tranquility, as though I had stepped from modernity into a bygone era devoid of superficial distractions.