“It seemed as though a majestic hand had cast a magnificent blue veil across Heaven itself”

Ascending the steep narrow road that led to the summit, I paused in silence, and looked up towards the town church, whose white walls were beautifully contrasted against the sky. It seemed as though a majestic hand had cast a magnificent blue veil across Heaven itself, such was its beauty. I looked heavenwards with childlike joy as the evening light illuminated the picturesque town and the smell of wood fires with on a cold winters day manifested an air of nostalgia. Suddenly I smiled, remembering the winding roads and pathways meandering into the heart of the town with its little footbridges over the Kander River. Walking through the town centre, I recalled vibrantly coloured and adorned buildings, and charming artisan stores delightful to behold. I spent many long moments experiencing the beautiful scenery that unfolded before me; the church, sky and forested hills surrounding this beautiful town, in a loving embrace.

Germany,  Landscape Photography



“The silence manifested a powerful impression as vivid as the array of beautiful coloured houses”

The scent of fresh air following rainfall was still lingering in the cold winter wind, as I ascended the winding cobblestone road leading into the heart of the city. Having crossed an archaic bridge I could still hear the churning of the river as it meandered around this beautiful Alpine town, gateway to the European Alps.  As I walked amidst the rows of magnificent coloured houses, the silence manifested a powerful impression as vivid as the array of beautiful coloured houses. Walking along the main road, I was greeted by Gothic cathedrals, half-timbered fachwerk houses, castles and towers  manifesting the true beauty and charm of traditional German culture. Winding cobblestone streets opened up into splendid squares, surrounded by elegantly designed German buildings decorated with a lovely array of complementary vibrant Mediterranean colours, a hallmark of the cultural splendour of Germany’s culture and medieval heritage.

Germany, Landscape Photography


Entranced by the beautiful simplicity and elegance of the diverse architecture, every street reflected a specific era and cultural flair

Pausing by the footpath, I surveyed the centuries old road before me disappearing into the distance beneath a beautiful classical arch bathed in sunlight. Surprisingly I stood there all alone, dimly aware of the distant clicking of someones shoes on the cobblestones. The temporary flash of a lady and her black coat swishing hurriedly across the street on a cold winters momentarily distracted my attention. Entranced by the beautiful simplicity and elegance of the diverse architecture, every street reflected a specific era and cultural flair. Especially predominant were the Classical and Gothic themes, manifesting the Renaissance and Counter Reformation period in all its magnificence. Streets lined with various artisans, cafes and food stalls open up into squares that blend in with the beautiful array of architecture as manifested in the magnificent churches, statues and buildings that are characteristic of this sophisticated and elegant city.

Germany, Bavaria, Landscape Photography


“I stood for a long time alone, deep in thought, contemplating the beauty of past centuries.”

The light shower of rain had settled over the picturesque town quietly nestled at the footsteps of the Alps. As the grey clouds stretched out across Heaven, their soft glow glistened on the ancient cobblestones that lined the deserted street. I stood for a long time alone, deep in thought, contemplating the beauty of past centuries. Elegant and sophisticated Germanic buildings lined the roads and winding hidden pathways throughout the town. A majestic cathedral resplendent in classical Baroque architecture of the Medieval period was beautifully complemented by a river passing through the town. In the background forested hills surrounded this picturesque alpine jewel within their strong embrace manifesting a majestic setting. Walking about the cobblestone streets, I felt enchanted and at peace surrounded by the charm and elegant beauty of this alpine town.

Germany, Landscape Photography

“My thoughts were entranced and calmed by the beautiful golden glow on the mysterious waters”

From the shore I gazed out towards the magnificent cast iron bridge spanning the great distance of the river. The old part of the city was lit up by streetlights, giving a warm light reflected in the calm but steady flow of the river. I could hear the whirling of the wind intermingled with the gentle sound of waters flowing. The underside of the bridge was dimly lit by the soft glow of distant lamps. As the cool wind played about me, my thoughts drifted from the bridge towards the old city with its magnificent blend of medieval and renaissance architecture, unlike anything that I had previously experienced. It seemed that the bridge and city were connected by the inherent drive of mankind to surge forward and strive towards the future while establishing tenuous hold with the past. For long moments I stared out from under the embrace of this magnificent steel structure; my thoughts were entranced and calmed by the beautiful golden glow on the mysterious waters.

France, Landscape architecture

“I imagined an era of classical and vibrant artistic beauty….”

The archaic intricate wooden door before me aroused my curiosity. I was vaguely aware of the creaking hinges as I opened the door and passed excitedly through the dimly lit winding corridor. Walking slowly in awe, I  glanced at the crumbling walls contained within the hidden tunnels whose beauty was only enhanced by the passing of centuries. Slowing momentarily, I ran my fingers tenderly along the walls; the surface was cold and as my fingers graced over the worn lines and crevices I imagined an era of classical and vibrant artistic beauty; a European, Christian spiritual movement originating in Florence, inspired by the intellectual, artistic and spiritual expression of Byzantine Greek scholars fleeing the fall of Constantinople, capital of the Roman Empire. The corridor suddenly widened and light flooded into an archaic and beautifully adorned courtyard. Vibrantly coloured facades manifested an aura of a bygone era that I found yearning for deeply; an era of sheer elegance, sophisticated simplicity, cultural vitality and artistic beauty.

France, Landscape Photography

“Flamboyant characters such as Molière and D’Artagnan suddenly come to life.”

The narrow village paths lined with colourful restaurants and intricate bouquets adorning the decaying medieval walls, straddled the main stream meandering through the centre of this picturesque town nestled at the footsteps of the Alps. The surrounding landscape, comprising a ring of forested mountains and complemented by a crystal clear lake embraced this medieval paradise. Centuries old towns with cobblestone streets, ramparts, archaic castles and cathedrals from the medieval and renaissance periods unique to European were truly fascinating to behold. Exotic buildings and streets with colourful facades, magnificent cathedrals and richly decorated buildings connected by secret passageways plunges one literally into the tales and story books of ones childhood. Flamboyant characters such as Molière and D’Artagnan suddenly come to life. France manifests architectural sophistication and elegance, a rich diverse and vibrant culture and is blessed with geographical beauty renown throughout the world.

France, Landscape Photography