“I pondered the beauty of silence and simplicity…”

Winding my way along the banks of the crystalline lake flanked by an adjacent park adorned with evergreen trees at the doorstep of this beautiful French alpine town, I came across a wrought iron bridge. Simple and stoic in architecture it nevertheless bore testimony to the elegant beauty of artisan creativity of the past. I walked slowly along this rather quaint bridge and paused in the middle. The cool autumn air was invigorating. Somewhere in the distance the call of birds permeated the air. I looked out yonder towards the canal that fed into the lake and observed the boats gently bobbing up and down gently as a line of pure white swans slowly swum upstream. In reverie, I pondered the beauty of silence and simplicity, a treasure often buried amidst the thick layer of dust of our everyday lives.

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“At that instant I experienced pure joy, rejoicing in the sheer beauty of Creation”

As I climbed along the coastal cliffs, skirting the summit and disappeared over a cluster of huge outcrop of boulders, I was immediately overcome by the sheer beauty of the ocean stretching in every direction. Mounting a massive boulder with childlike enthusiasm, oblivious to the sheer drop, I looked out towards the seacoast and vast mysterious ocean. Standing upright, I stretched out my hands and closed my eyes; suddenly, the wind buffeted me wildly wrapping around my body in a rough embrace. I cried out in exhilaration, magnificent rocky slopes, ocean and heaven lay before me; outstanding beautiful and awesome to behold. At that instant I experienced pure joy, rejoicing in the sheer beauty of Creation. It was a moment of inspiration, gratitude and peace born of love. Words are a mere tears in rain, compared to that which  touched the essence of my being. I paused, deep in thought at the beauty that unfolded before me. I felt at peace, my heart was at ease and my soul rejoiced. Then, the words “Heaven on Earth” echoed within the depths of my soul as I recalled the psalmists words.

The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.          (Psalm 19:1)


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