“In silence so profound, I stood at the edge of the world…”

As I wearily wound my way towards the mountain, the last rays of light burst through the clouds heralding sunset . Thick mysterious clouds of mist were everywhere to behold, surrounding me, their beautiful white hue and cold sensation, struck the core of my being. Long moments seemed to pass as my mind continually urging my exhausted body onward till finally I approached the summit. Fatigued yet exhilarated I glanced over towards the horizon where the glory of the sun was fading behind the mountains. The evening light created a natural tapestry of immense beauty. Silhouettes of trees lining the mountainside intermingled with the soft fading light and drifting wisps of angelic clouds.  Such raw beauty was truly inspirational to behold; I stood for long moments staring into the horizon. In silence so profound, I stood at the edge of the world as Dostoevsky’s words “Beauty will save the World” resonated in the depths of my soul.

Australia, Landscape Photography.jpg