“The wind buffeted me wildly wrapping around my body in a rough embrace…”

Ascending the steep and difficult path winding path, I finally reached the opposite cliff face after having passed through spectacular forests, bushland and a river which wound its way through a tapestry of grassland, disappearing into the horizon. Continuing along the cliff, the route eventually plateaued and evolved into coastal headland. I stopped in awe at the majestic scenery. Windswept plains eventually gave way to steep cliffs, comprising colossal stacks and boulders of weathered red granite, that plunged into the vast ocean depths. Massive waves fanned out across the ocean, as far as the eye could see, while the chorus of winds heralded the gathering of storm clouds, wove a majestic tapestry magnificent to behold. I looked out past the forested cliff to the seacoast and vast mysterious ocean. Standing upright, the wind buffeted me wildly wrapping around my body in a rough embrace. I cried out in exhilaration, rejoicing at the beauty of Creation, outstanding beautiful and awesome to behold. I thought “It’s great to be alive”.

Australia, Landscape Photography