“Standing in reverent silence, I was humbled before such magnificence”

Wandering along the seashore, I smiled as my feet marked out a path of desolate footprints along the fine brown sand; the waters of the flowing river lapped gently at my feet. I smiled with childlike innocent joy as I felt the sun’s warmth course through my body. All alone surrounded by the beauty of nature I experienced an immense sense of belonging and peace well within me. Slowly looking up towards heaven itself, I was seized by the sheer beauty of what lay before me. The sound of flowing water coursing towards the ocean mingled with the soft wind that gently caressed my face, manifesting a heavenly chorus. The pure white clouds spreading their celestial beauty across the blue Heaven struck a deep chord within my soul. Standing in reverent silence, I was humbled before such magnificence. Deep within the depths of my mind heart and soul I rejoiced at the providence of God and His amazing outpouring of love as experienced in His Creation.

Australia, Landscape Photography


6 thoughts on ““Standing in reverent silence, I was humbled before such magnificence”

  1. Great Picture. Excellent Job done. Wish i could reach up to this level. As an photographer i can understand how much efforts are required to capture shots like this. even i started working for new photographer i want them to develop them as a good photographer so i started writing tips for them at https://www.behance.net/NitinKhannaor let me know how is it.

    • Dear Nitin, please forgive me for the late reply. I looked over your website and am very impressed. The layout and content is professional, and the images that you use are perfect to illustrate your message. Great work.

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